Design Services

In Home Consultation

Most clients like to start small… for these folks I offer a 2 hour in home consultation inside the greater Chattanooga, Tennessee area where we can address the feasibility of the project, review selections already made, talk about the scope and budget of the project, maybe do a few sketches, and plan our next steps.

virtual Consultation

For those outside the local area or who might prefer to stay socially distant, I offer video conferencing.  All you need is a smart phone and one of the many video conferencing apps available.


A typical project for me is a kitchen or bathroom remodel.  For these projects I will quote a flat fee for designing the space based on the scope and complexity of the project.  My drawings are done in black and white because I prefer to be inspired by color and texture in the selection phase of the project.  These include a floorplan, elevations and perspectives showing cabinets, countertops, plumbing and some lighting.  These plans are yours to take to various showrooms to shop for finishes, furnishings and equipment.

If a client also wants my help making the finish selections I work hourly, so you can choose how much of my help you need.  Some folks just need a little clarification as to whether their ideas will work.  Others lack the desire or inclination to shop for all the components that go into a typical renovation project.

During the installation process I find it helpful if I make site visits to answer questions and verify that the correct materials are being installed the way we intended.  These are billed hourly as well.

For new home construction I offer a complete package that covers everything from floorplan review, site visits, and all hard surface selections (plumbing, lighting, flooring, paint, tile, cabinets… basically anything attached to the house to get you move in ready).  For this I also quote a flat fee based on the complexity of the project.

For small or ongoing projects I bill hourly.  These might include paint colors, art or soft treatment installations, or minor updates to any room.

Having worked in this industry since 2000, I have built an arsenal of preferred vendors, but I’m open to using yours or your contractor’s vendors.

To discuss your project, terms and prices please contact me today!